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Why Use Set Up WP

WordPress is the easiest and most popular way to build a website or blog. It's no surprise that over 60 million websites are powered by WordPress.

But... Getting set up and started can be a little bit tricky if you've never done it before.

That's why I created Set Up WP.

To teach you how to set up WordPress yourself in just a few minutes, even if you've never built a website or started a blog before. No joke.

Hi there! I'm John Muldoon.

For the last 10 years, I've run a website development company that has helped more than 500 people and businesses create beautiful and powerful websites and blogs using WordPress.

Set Up WP is a new experimental venture for me. I wanted to make it easier, faster, and more affordable than ever to get set up with a beautiful and powerful WordPress blog or website.

So, while I still build and design custom websites for paying clients, I wanted to create a service that helped you get started with WordPress without going through a lengthy design and development process.

I spent two months creating a step-by-step video guide to setting up WordPress. I was going to release it as a paid online course (and I still may do that at some point), but for now I'm going to give it away for free to see what happens.

I once wrote that the two most important rules for entrepreneurs were to:
1. Create more than you consume. And...
2. When you create, do it at scale.

Set Up WP is my way of scaling up my business of helping people build great websites and blogs using WordPress.

Ready to get started? Choose one of the options below. :)

Get started with the free video guide.   or   Let us Set Up WordPress for you.